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Want to take the next step to a career rich with personal meaning? This is the course that will provide you with the inspiration, knowledge, training, and certification in Psychological Staging™ that can help you succeed in a career of purpose and passion.




Staging real estate for a dozen years, professional home stager Kristie Barnett has developed a unique system and mindset for staging properties to sell called Psychological Staging™. This method has earned her both local and national Home Staging Awards and has made The Decorologist® one of the most well-known staging experts in the country. This course will teach you a whole new way of thinking about home staging and set you up to apply advanced staging techniques to any residential property.  You will leave the course as a confident, certified Expert Psychological Stager™.
Recent class of EPS™ graduates
  • 3 days of live, in-person home staging training by Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist® (including onsite staging of a property for sale)
  • Comprehensive training manual filled with Psychological Staging techniques, information about starting or growing your Staging business, and forms that you will need for your business
  • A printed bound copy of Psychological Staging: Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist 
  • Psychological Staging Paint Color Toolkitthe revolutionary staging product that will help you quickly and easily choose on-trend paint colors for your clients' homes
  • Photography of before/afters from the onsite Staging to start your own portfolio
  • Certification as an Expert Psychological Stager™ (EPS)
  • Breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday, afternoon snacks and drinks throughout the day
  • Ongoing support and mentoring via a private Facebook group for EPSs only
  • Online referrals via The Decorologist website as a Decorologist® Approved Stager

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You will learn how to apply Psychological Staging™ principles to:


  • Stage any home from start to finish
  • Conduct staging consultations and provide related services
  • Manage emotionally-attached clients
  • Appeal to the emotions of all buyers
  • Apply the psychology of color in staging
  • Learn to create architectural harmony in furniture arrangement
  • Build your arsenal of staging props
  • Work with real estate professionals to build and support your business
  • Build your own unique niche in the field of staging and design
  • And so much more!

"I had a GREAT TIME and learned SO MUCH!!! I don't know how I would have started my home staging business without the confidence I got from being a certified EPS Stager and all the continuing help from Kristie and the other ESP stagers on our EPS Facebook page! The best part of all was doing a real live staging at the end--that made all the pieces come together! If you have ever wanted to be a stager ...TAKE THIS CLASS!!! You will be VERY glad that you did!" - Maggie Settler, Pittsburgh Staged Homes



"Such a great experience and highly recommend to anyone interested in earning their certification and for those like me that have businesses and want to take their business to another level!! Thanks Kristie Barnett !!" - Amy Wagner, Reflections of You



Find out more about our course and how you can begin your new career or up your game as a professional home stager, click here.

All my best,
Kristie Barnett