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SMART Stager Training Program


The SMART Stager Training Program™ was designed to Fast Track the SMART Stager into starting a successful Staging business. 


This is an intense 5-day, hands-on training program that will prepare you to begin your own Real Estate Staging business. You will be trained in all aspects of Real Estate Staging and upon completion will be ready to perform your first Staging Consultation and be certified in Staging your first home.  


During your training you will be exposed to Real Estate Staging techniques, theory and practices. SMART feels that the best way to learn is through actual hands-on experience and real time applications.



Upon completion of the SMART Stager Training Programyou will be immediately connected with Real Estate Professionals to conduct Staging Consultations for their listings.


The Five-Day SMART Stager Training Program will consist of:

  • The Art of Staging

  • Conducting Staging Consultations

  • Perform Hands-On Staging

  • Communicating With Clients

  • Communicating with Real Estate Professionals

  • Starting Your Own Staging Business

  • Inclusion into the SMART Program Network

  • Instant Internet Presence

Cost of Certified SMART Stager Training Program - $2500.00

You will work with real clients, in real homes, and be able to see and feel the dramatic results of Home Staging immediately.

SMART Stagers is unlike all the other “cookie cutter” Staging services or training facilities. We have designed a training program that encourages teamwork and focuses on reaching your goals. Our innovative staging techniques and unique methods of training surpass others in the field. Our success is measured by your success, we are not about to let you fail.


Other training facilities will show you the ropes and then push you out of the nest, not caring whether you succeed or not. They just cash your check and send you on your way. Not only do we train you to succeed, we give you immediate income upon completion of the course.


We are so confident in your abilities that we give you our name to use. As a SMART Stager you will be included in our SMART Network, and you are encouraged to find other Real Estate Professionals to join the SMART Program.  We’ll show you how! 

This unique opportunity is designed for those individuals who are really serious about starting a lucrative staging business:

  • Are you passionate about decorating and are looking for an outlet?

  • Are you a former Real Estate professional who found that your expenses outweighed your income?

  • Are you a victim of a layoff or corporate downsizing looking for a new career?

  • Are you an interior designer/decorator looking for a way to supplement your business?

There are thousands of homes for sale in any area at any given time; the sky is the limit for your income potential.

SMART Stagers will give you the keys and help opening the door.

SMART Stagers limits its class size to a maximum of four students at a time. It is essential to receive one on one instruction and hands on training. It is only fair to you and your investment that you are given this significant level of attention.


Our training locations have been coordinated to provide you with a comfortable setting in which to learn. SMART Stagers will provide you with a journal for note taking and it is required that you bring your own camera (preferably digital).


Our comprehensive training manual is an all inclusive guide to learning and implementing staging techniques through to becoming a successful business owner of your own staging company.


Included with your manual you will receive a CD loaded with templates for ads, flyers, press releases, brochures, bids and proposals contracts and client forms. Following the template will be easy. You won’t have to start from scratch or guess what works or what doesn’t – it’s already done for you!


Hands-on training is invaluable. Our five day class offers four different projects on which to work. You will have hands on experience in conducting previews, consultations and actual hands on stagings. You will meet real clients and encounter a variety of situations that will prepare you when you go out on your own.


Upon completion of the SMART Stager Training Course™ you will be “hired” to perform three Staging Consultations and have the opportunity to sell further staging visits with these clients. You will have the opportunity to earn income immediately.


No other Staging training course offers immediate income and immediate experience like this. Your instructors are available to mentor you and guide you along the way.