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Glass City Stagers
Home Stager / Business Owner
Lambertville, MI
3227 Chanson Valley Road
Lambertville, MI,  48144
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I was born and raised in Michigan and moved six times in 13 years with two toddlers! From Ohio to Michigan, Michigan to Georgia (sold first house; downsized and flipped second house), Georgia to New Orleans and back to Michigan. I know, and lived, the stress of moving. I understand the importance and difficulty of having the home 'show ready' at any given moment for those prospective buyers!

When you’re putting your home on the market, you need to make sure that potential buyers can see themselves living in your space. Your house needs to appear organized, spacious, and appealing. Optimize your property’s space and show off its potential by hiring GLASS CITY STAGERS.

I’m Sharon Schaffer, the business owner and certified home stager of GLASS CITY STAGERS. We all have our own gifts and talents, and looking back over my childhood, I realize that mine is being able to walk into a room and visualize the best space layout. I carefully choose scale-to-room furniture and accessories that complement each other throughout the space with great attention to detail. I love staging vacant homes, consulting sellers in their occupied homes, and assisting clients with decorating their own homes in and around Toledo, Ohio.

I Offer Redesign Services:
I Offer Staging Services:
I hold the following designations or cer
RESP-Real Estate Staging Professional
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