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RESA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Members of the Real Estate Staging Association are required to conduct their professional business in a manner that shows respect for clients, colleagues, fellow members, business vendors, and the profession. 

Members agree to uphold the Code of Ethics, bylaws, mission, and vision of the Real Estate Staging Association. 

1.0 Responsibilities to The Public

1.1 Members will comply with all federal state and local laws with regard to the formation of their business. 

1.2 Members shall not use misleading advertising promotions.

1.3 Members will only use examples of their own work in their portfolio and online postings.

1.4 Members will not act in any way that violates or may appear to violate antitrust laws.

2.0 Obligation to Clients

2.1 Members have an obligation to communicate clearly and truthfully to their clients in both verbal and written communications regarding contract terms, fees, and conditions. 

2.2 Members have an obligation to never disclose confidential information about clients to other parties. 

2.3 Members have an obligation to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times. 

2.4 Members shall not promise clients or potential clients a specific outcome regarding the use of staging. 

2.5 Members will consider the health and welfare of their clients when creating policies and procedures for client projects. 

2.6 Members have an obligation to not accept a project unless they are confident and competent to perform the required services. 

2.7 Members are required to perform to the best of their ability when servicing client projects. 

2.8 Members shall not deny equal professional services or discriminate against any person for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

3.0 Obligations to Colleagues and Other Industry Professionals

3.1 Members shall not intentionally make false or misleading statements in any form that discredits or defames the character of another colleague or industry professional. 

3.2 If a member is working for another company they must receive written permission to use photographs of their work product if they wish to use it outside of the employing company’s objectives. 

3.3 Members will follow all employment laws, regulations, and hiring practices. 

4.0 Obligations to the Profession

4.1 Members have an obligation to conduct their business practices with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. 

4.2 Members shall continue to improve their skills and knowledge with regard to the profession. 

4.3 Members when possible will be encouraging and helpful to other colleagues and industry professionals. 

5.0 Obligations to Employers

5.1 Members who are separating from an employer shall not take any proprietary information, designs, reports, notes, client lists, photographs without the permission of their employer. 

5.2 Members will not disparage, reveal confidential or proprietary information about the employer to others. 

6.0 Procedure for Filing an Ethics Complaint

6.1 The individual against whom an ethics complaint is made must be a current member of RESA. 

6.2 The complaint must be made by filling out a written ethics complaint form within 90-days of the incident. 

6.3 The RESA Board of Directors will review the complaint and determine if the complaint may violate the COE. If the board determines the complaint does not violate the COE the petitioner is notified. If the board determines there may be a violation of the COE, the board will appoint an Ethics Committee Chairperson to oversee an ethics committee that will review the complaint. 

6.4 The Ethics Chairperson will form a committee in accordance with the RESA bylaws. 

6.5 The Ethics Chairperson will forward the petitioner’s complaint to the member for a written response. The member will have 21 days to respond. 

6.6 Upon receipt of the member’s response the ethics committee will review their response and the original complaint, ask questions of either party. The committee will make a determination if the COE was violated and make a recommendation to the board. 

6.7 The board will receive the committee’s recommendations. The board will decide what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken. 

6.8 Both parties will be sent a PDF letter via email advising them of the outcome of the committee’s findings.  

As a RESA member, I agree to abide by the code of ethics's stated above.

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