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Real Estate Staging Association is dedicated to compiling and reporting accurate and up to date information on staging statistics.  It is very important to the staging industry to be able to compile statistics on the benefits of staging and staging business trends.


The excel spreadsheet simplifies the process by calculating the statistics for you. You simply enter your data and let the program do the work. Then, at the end of the year, you email your excel spreadsheet to RESA HQ. RESA HQ will then merge the results together to determine the overall national statistics for both Canada and the United States.


NOTE: All data is kept anonymous. RESA uses the data to report the stats on the effectiveness of home staging. Because this information is reported to REALTORS, REALTOR Associations, as well as to the public, we rely on your help. The more statistics we can gather, the better.


Regarding the excel spreadsheet - as mentioned, the process has been made simple. When you download the tool, you'll see that there are three (3) tabs at the bottom. One tab is for reporting your statics on VACANT homes, the next tab is for OCCUPIED homes and the third tab provides you with instructions on how to use the tool.


Use the data in your personal marketing to your future clients and submit at the end of the year to RESA so we can release statistics to the public.   



Submit Your Local Real Estate Staging Statistics

Download the Collector (Excel spreadsheet) below and send to  

Home Staging Statistics Collector for USA and Canada


Staging Business Trends Survey

Click here to take the survey. This survey focuses on the business trends of professional home stagers.


Staging and Redesign Training Survey

Click here to take the survey  This survey focuses on how you view the training you received.




If you have an idea for a statistic that needs to be tracked please let us know.