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Shell Brodnax   (#2301)   

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Valley Springs, CA
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916 273 7736
Home Staging Consults
2274 Partridge Dr.

Valley Springs, CA  

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I Offer Staging Services:


Florida Approved Instructors
Oregon Approved Instructors


Shell brings 20 years of outstanding sales, marketing and team building skills to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). In 2003 Shell worked for a staging training company and has played a pivotal role in setting the industry standings in Staging. Her commitment and support was crucial in growing the staging industry in the  United States and Canada . Shell served as the manager of the corporate headquarters, Director of Marketing and Director of National Corporate Accounts.

Over the years it became obvious that Stagers needed marketing support. In 2006 Shell developed the Staging Career Center. The Staging Career Center provides custom marketing support services to Stagers.

In 2007 Shell developed the Real Estate Staging Association™ (RESA) in order to support professional Real Estate Stagers by setting REAL measurable standards, and creating UNITY among Stagers. RESA is focused and ready to take the industry to the next level.

RESA will allow Stagers from the United States and Canada to form local chapters in order to establish peer to peer support and form standards in the Staging industry. RESA also provides information and education regarding Staging to home owners and Real Estate professionals.


Raving Fans


As a web developer for over a dozen years, I have worked with literally over 100 companies and I have found there are two types of people, those who ‘get it' and those who don't.  Shell is definitely the former.  I was only introduced to her recently as part of a team for a specific project.  The only down side is that she was not brought on to the team until the later phases of the project.  Since there was not anyone on the team with her expertise during the first half of the project, we were pointed in the wrong direction on several areas which ended up costing both time and money.   Once Shell joined the team it was obvious she was utilizing her industry experience and was able to point everyone in the right direction and avoid further losses.  However I truly believe if she was there from day one, her experience would have helped us to avoid several masques saving thousands of dollars in the process and allowed us to complete the project several weeks earlier.

 Mike Jaltuch

Linear Method




Hello Shell, well We just made it official.  Linda and I just signed us up for the RESA Company Membership.. 

We are proud to join you and the great cast of members at RESA.  Your companies direction is very much in alignment with what we feel is important for our industry.  It is obvious from recent RESA events that your group clearly knows how to promote the industry by highlighting the positive features of not only RESA members but all members of our industries community.  Linda and I are committed to the education of every potential client about the value of Property Presentation and we feel RESA is the right places for us to exercise that committment.


Thank You,


Linda & Gary Barnett
Home Matters, Home Staging
"Where Home Always Matters"


January 2008

I have been blessed to have known Shell for a very long time, well it seems like a very long time (that is not a reflection of my age).  I remember Shell when we were all in the infancy of the new profession called "staging".  On several occasions I was in a position to be able to watch Shell in action.  I watched the way she worked with clients, newbie stagers, and watched her phenominal ability at marketing.  Oh my gosh!  What a master at marketing!  Shell's professionalizm, her knowledge, her honesty and her trustworthiness and her endearing friendship, if you are fortunate enough to have her as your friend, are qualities not many of us are blessed with.

I have such respect for what Shell has done with RESA and of course I never doubted her vision, drive or willingness to make RESA what it is today.  I have always admired her determination and ambition for anything she chose to become involved in.  RESA will be "over the top" helpful to all of us that are in the business of staging and redesigning.  Shell has been a great inspiration and friend to me over the years and I will always hold her close to my heart!

You Go Girl!  We in RESA are your greatest "cheerleaders"!

Lucy Butcher, President/Owner
Presentation Is EverythingTM, LLC
Real Estate Staging and Interior Redesign Company
Inventory Guardian, LLC
Guarding Your Inventory One Count At A Time
Colorado Springs, CO 



January 2008

I cannot express how much we become more and more impressed with you and your organization every day.  Unlike many other organizations we are familiar with, yours is truly focused on moving the industry forward.  I found your background interesting from the standpoint that on that rare occasion you can find an individual that learns from what they don't like and sets out to do what they believe in.  That would be you.


Gary Barnett
Home Matters, Home Staging
"Where Home Always Matters"







I learned of Shell Brodnax on Active Rain, a website specifically geared to those that provide services in the real estate industry.  I contacted Shell as I had learned of her company, Staging Career Center and I wanted to know exactly what she could offer my staging and redesign company, Perceptions AdverStagingTM, LLC.  I was immediately impressed with Shell's responsiveness and friendliness - this was no ordinary business woman.  Though professional at all times, she completely understands the importance of rapport building and maintenance in business development and has since my first conversation with her been extremely responsive to all phone calls and emails; never have I had to call or email twice to get an answer from her.  I have hired her to design my business logo and assist me with developing a cutting edge power point presentation.  In both cases she has gone above and beyond in getting the job done efficiently, cost effectively and has always kept my business values in mind.  I recommend Shell without hesitation.


Jackie Peraza


Perceptions AdverStagingTM, LLC

1257 Worcester Rd, #504

Framingham, MA 01701           

Ph: 978-460-3922 



I've been wanting to tell you thank for the "bundle" with the contracts, etc. It helped to not feel so overwhelmed.

Thanks Shell! REALLY APPRECIATE your services!


Chris Durfee



I have known Shell Brodnax for nearly 8 years both professionally and personally.  In a professional position at Fireside Thrift I reported to Shell as a Collector.  Shell showed valuable knowledge of the business, always willing to give a helping hand, unbelievable communication skills, a superior edge above the rest of the management.  As turn over from other departments increased, our department was the most difficult to get into due to the stability and happiness of each employee not wanting to leave.  Not only as a manager, Shell also proved to be a great mentor. After only six months under Shell's management supervision, she mentored, educated and prepared me for a promotion of Assistant Manager of another Department taking on forty-five employees.  With out her leadership, education, and willingness, I don't think I would have been prepared for such a task.  Knowing the value I brought to her and the team Shell was one to never hold anyone back.


Secondly, after a couple of years of separation in the business world Shell called upon me to help her initiate growth as the Director of Customer Service at her current employer where she serves as the Director of Marketing.  Teaming up side by side with Shell, once again she proved her value.  Taking it from a small operation to a company that is now seen on various shows such as: 20/20, ABC, The Morning Show, and is reached by millions.  Shell is determined, enthusiastic, professional, driven, and can accomplish anything she sets her mind too.  Adored by her employees as the "Awesome Boss" that everyone wants to work for.  I have learned very much from her over the years professionally and would recommend her for any job!


I believe that any employer that reviews Shell's resume and feels that she is not the best fit for the position, should definitely rethink themselves and give her an interview, as after that she will prove to be a winning team member on your team!


Please feel free to reach me at anytime should you feel it necessary.

Thank You,


Gary W. Hill REALTOR®

Diablo Realty

(925) 212-4734








I am writing this letter to offer letter of reference for Shell Brodnax. 


Shell came to work for myself and my wife at in early 2003.  Our company was developed to train Real Estate Agents about Staging and we trained individuals to start their own Staging businesses. Shell has helped grow our company from infancy to a multi million dollar organization.  Shell joined our organization and rapidly learned the Staging business and how it relates to Real Estate.  She has contributed in many areas, but mainly in product development, sales, organizing conventions, marketing, public relations, developing policies and procedures, developing new departments, and assisting thousands of people with regard to marketing their Staging businesses and Staging questions in general.  


During her tenor she managed our corporate office and developed and managed our marketing department. The department was responsible for the Companies sales for the United States and Canada.  In addition she worked with our corporate trainers to bring the Accredited Staging Professional Course to hundreds of cities throughout the US and Canada thus resulting in over 10,000 people becoming trained on Staging.  Shell was also pivotal in developing strategic relationships with Real Estate Associations, Women's Council of Realtors, and Real Estate schools by contracting with them to bring the ASP course to their members. Shell also was responsible for obtaining RE Continuing Educations Credits for our course in over 25 states.


Shell is intelligent, quick to learn, dedicated, an excellent salesperson and a leader who has the ability to manage a group of people to accomplish a common goal. I'm sure she will do well in her future ventures and look forward to hearing of her success.




Kirk Bohrer