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iStage & Ogranize
Owner & Principal
Barrie, ON  Canada
3 Jack Cres.
Barrie, ON,  L9X 1Z8
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My name is Nina Doiron and I’m a certified UltimateStager at iStage & Organize. 


My job is to create mass appeal for your home in order to attract a greater number of potential buyers.


I have been a marketer my entire career in the corporate world. As a marketer, I engage consumers through creative messaging and imagery in order to generate desires for various goods and services.  I understand what influences consumer purchase behavior. 


I decided to transfer my marketing knowledge and experience to helping home owners market their homes to sell. 


I’ve always had the flare for designs and as an experienced marketer, I understand what it takes to sell just about anything, including your home.


My philosophy is about creating an experience for your buyers and exceptional customer service for home owners and realtors. 


I listen to the needs and desires of my clients and understand the emotional attachment they have to their home.   I look to create win win solutions for all parties involved.


My company, iStage & Organize, offers consultation services, full home staging as well as home organization services.


With my consultation service, I will include a 19 page written action plan with all the necessary details for home owners to successfully carry out the staging work on their own.  This service is ideal for clients with limited budgets.


I also provide full home staging services for both occupied and vacant properties.


For occupied properties, where possible, I will try to use as much of the home owner's exist existing furnishings as much as possible in order to help save money.


For vacant properties, most large furnishings will be rented and brought in to stage the property to suit the design and demographics of the community. 


For home owners who just need a little helping hand to de-clutter their home, my home organization service offer a simple but actionable plan to remove the clutter and find long-term storage solutions.


My primary objective is to help get your home show ready to sell faster and for more money.

Before putting your home on the market, call me first for a free estimate.
I Offer Redesign Services:
I Offer Staging Services:
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Ultimate Home Stager
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