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Designs by Deeda
Owner/ founder
Mississauga , ON  Canada
Mississauga , ON,  L5N5X9
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Hello, I'm Naseera, also known as Deeda, and interior decor is my passion. Creating beautiful and functional spaces that make people feel comfortable and at home brings me joy. Over the years, I've honed my interest in interior design and gained extensive knowledge in this field.

My background in corporate banking has instilled in me the values of hard work and dedication, which I have applied to my passion for interior decor. As a result, I've become skilled in crafting beautiful and functional spaces for my clients.

When I'm not working on interior design and staging projects, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, who are incredibly important to me. Whether it's cooking a meal, going on a family vacation, or just hanging out at home, these moments are precious to me.

Another one of my interests is organizing and cleaning. I have an obsession with ensuring that everything has a designated place, which has been beneficial to my interior design work. I understand the importance of creating functional spaces that are well-organized and clutter-free.

Despite my love for interior design, I'm a bit camera-shy. I prefer to let my work speak for itself and shy away from the spotlight. However, my passion for interior decor and home staging is evident in every project that I take on.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge that building my company would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my family. I am blessed to have them by my side.

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