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Are you a RESA-PRO?  This is your opportunity to join the Over List Price Club.

How to qualify:
If you have had a listing sell for over list price and you are a RESA-PRO fill out the documentation form here.

Information We Need:
1. Any verification of list price and final sale price from a MLS website.
2. Letter from the agent on company letterhead indicating list price and final sale price.
3. Please also include your staging fee for each project for the first 60-days.

If You Would Like a chance to be Featured in the Home Staging Newswire Please Also Include:
1. Upload professional before and after photos and site the photographer if able to.
2. If this was a remarkable staging story that you would love to share please include a brief anecdote.

RESA-PRO designees will receive an Over List Price Official Logo. Each time you provide documentation of reaching a specific level we will add it to your logo. See example for reaching the $30,000 over list price two times.

Logos will be granted at $5,000.00 increments starting at $5,000.  If you hit the level twice we will add x2, three times is x3,etc.