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  At SDN, we’re putting our dreams of revolutionizing the business model for home staging and design into ACTION! Better inventory pricing, selection, and flexible rental terms are no longer just visions in our head. They are on SDN’s web site, in the warehouse, and at the showroom. At SDN, you can rent, buy, or sell beautiful home furnishings and accessories. We have created new revenue streams for stagers and designers with our shared rental pool and wholesale pricing. You can store, manage, and transport your inventory - all with the few clicks online. No more packing hassles! It’s streamlined and easy for you, but we must confess, we couldn’t have pulled this off on our own.
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If you need storage while you move please consider PODS. Please accept a 5% discount courtesy of the

Real Estate Staging Association.If you are a member of RESA, please log in, go to the Exclusive Deals page and use the promo code there to get a 10% discount.


          5% off of Pods    (PDF)