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ONLY! $39.99 - $49.99 available sizes 28-48" and 36-76"


No Drilling needed, Style Made Simple,

Installs quickly and Easily, Durable Steel Construction



How does Ready Hang™ work?



The patent pending Ready Hang™ brackets work by gripping onto your existing window frame supplying the support needed to mount your drapery hardware. You can also adjust the height of your drapery by simply moving the extension rods up or down.

Is Ready Hang™ secure?

Yes! Each bracket holds up to 30 lbs on wood frames and 20 lbs on non-wood/foam type frames.

What tools are needed to install Ready Hang™?

The only tool required is an Allen wrench and it is included with each set of Ready Hang™ drapery hardware.

What all do I get when I purchase Ready Hang™ Drapery Hardware?

You get everything you need to install your draperies. Each package contains 2 decorative finials, a telescoping drapery rod, 2 Ready Hang™ brackets, 2 extension rods with drapery rod holders, and 2 Allen wrenches.

What if my window does not have a window frame?

Unfortunately a frame is required for the patent pending Ready Hang™ system to work. If your window does not have a frame this product will not work for you.

RESA members get a 10% discount:


Place your order at: 615-969-4256, or email,  Mention you are a RESA member and you will get a discount. Be prepared to give your RESA membership number.